Although no special privilege is needed to use these functions, access control is applied at the inode database level.


Returns a list of all data classes together with readable titles. Requires version 4.3-406 or later.

   "linuxdvb_rotor_gotox" : "TV Adapters - SatConfig - GOTOX Rotor",
   "dvb_mux" : "DVB multiplex",
   "profile-libav-mpegts" : "MPEG-TS/av-lib",
   "epggrab_mod" : "EPG Grabber",
   "esfilter" : "Elementary stream filter",
   "mpegts_network" : "DVB Inputs - Networks",
   "caclient_capmt" : "CAPMT (Linux Network DVBAPI)",
   "channeltag" : "Channel Tags",
   "codec_profile_libopus" : "libopus",
   "linuxdvb_frontend_isdb_t" : "TV Adapters - Linux ISDB-T Frontend",


  • class One of the class names returned by classes.

  • uuid A single uuid or JSON array of uuids.

Returns data about the selected object(s). The information is the same as returned by the corresponding grid function (where available) but without the selection and filtering options provided by that function.


  • node A JSON object or array of objects.

Objects being imported must have a uuid and must already exist in the database.

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