HTTP Proxy Examples

The HTSP api method can be used as a proxy to access the HTTP/JSON API. This allows HTSP-only clients access to any JSON feature, including JSON-only features. Data exchanged to and from the TVH server is achieved by encapsulating the required HTTP/JSON parameters within the HTSP message. TVH expects to receive encapsulated JSON data and will respond with a HTSP map representing the JSON data returned.

Also see: JSON API.

HTSP API Syntax Summary


args               msg[] optional   HTTP arguments
path               str   required   HTTP path


response           msg[] required   JSON response 

Simple Request

To execute the HTTP API command: http://TVH:9981/api/channel/grid Set the path field to channel/grid and send the request. The args field is not required. The response will be a HTSP map containing an element named response. This element will be a map containing the the JSON response presented as HTSP elements.

Intermediate Request

To execute the HTTP API command: http://TVH:9981/api/channel/grid?sort=number&dir=desc Set the path to channel/grid as in the previous example. The arg field must be set to type map, and in this example, contain two str elements. Map str element named sort should contain the value number and map str element named dir should contain the value desc.

Advanced Request

To execute the HTTP API command: http://TVH:9981/api/dvr/entry/create Set the path to dvr/entry/create. As with the previous example, the args field must be set to type map. Method 1 - JSON String Create a JSON string containing the properties required to complete the request as detailed in the JSON API documentation. In this example, to create a new DVR entry. Within that map, create a str element named conf that contains the required JSON string. Method 2 - HTSP Map Instead of creating a JSON string, create a HTSP map where each element name matches the name of the JSON property and contains the required property value. args should be a map that contains another map named conf that contains another map with the required JSON data represented as HTSP elements.

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