Protocol Changes

This information may be outdated. If you have some spare time, please to through the commit History and add the changes to the documentation.


  • added ratingLabel to EPG & DVR entries

  • added ratingIcon to EPG & DVR entries


  • added ageRating to DVR entries


  • added descrambleInfo (not yet documented below)


  • extended addDvrEntry, updateDvrEntry, dvrEntryAdd method

    • added enabled

  • extended getSysTime

    • added gmtoffset


  • extended updateDvrEntry method

    • added channelId


  • dvrEntry structures

    • added files msg (multiple files) to the files field

    • added dataSize field to show actual (last) file size in dvrEntry updates

  • epg events - added subtitle field


  • dvrEntry structures

    • added subscriptionError, streamErrors, dataErrors fields

    • added subtitle fields

  • autorecEntry structures

    • added dupDetect and fulltext fields

  • added errors fields to the stream status

  • added satpos to the subscription start

  • added subscriptionError field to subscriptionStatus server-to-client method


  • autorec/timerec structures

    • added directory field (forced output directory)

    • added enabled field


  • added addTimerecEntry, deleteTimerecEntry methods

  • added timerecEntryAdd, timerecEntryUpdate, timerecEntryDelete server-to-client methods

  • extended addAutorecEntry method

    • added start/startWindow/name fields

    • added owner/creator fields

    • obsoleted creator field

  • extended dvrEntryAdd, dvrEntryUpdate

    • added timerecId field

    • added owner/creator fields

  • extended addAutorecEntry, deleteAutorecEntry methods

    • added start/startWindow fields

    • obsoleted approxTime

    • added name/owner/creator fields

  • extended autorecEntryAdd, autorecEntryUpdate server-to-client methods

    • fields like for addAutorecEntry

  • extended getTag method

    • added tagIndex field


  • extended subscriptionStart server-to-client method

    • added meta field

  • changed H264 meta data handling (codec meta data are in the meta field only in start message)

  • VORBIS and AAC codecs have codec specific meta data in the meta field in start message

  • changed subscribe method

    • the normts is always active and the parameter is ignored


  • added getProfiles, getDvrConfigs methods

  • removed getCodecs methods

  • extended subscribe method

    • add profile field


  • extended channelAdd, channelUpdate server-to-client methods

    • the channelIcon URL can be relative 'imagecache/%d' or '/imagecache/%d'

  • extended getChannel method

    • the channelIcon URL can be relative 'imagecache/%d' or '/imagecache/%d'


  • added getChannel method


  • added addAutorecEntry method

  • added deleteAutorecEntry method

  • added autorecEntryAdd, autorecEntryUpdate, autorecEntryDelete server-to-client methods

  • extended channelAdd server-to-client method

    • added channelNumberMinor (for {major}.{minor} channel numbers)

  • extended dvrEntryAdd and dvrEntryUpdate server-to-client methods

    • added eventId, autorecId, startExtra, stopExtra, retention, priority, contentType fields

  • extended addDvrEntry method

    • added retention

  • extended updateDvrEntry method

    • added retention, priority

  • extended epgQuery method

    • added minduration, maxduration

  • added subscriptionGrace server-to-client method


  • added subscriptionFilterStream method

  • added getDvrCutpoints method


  • added audio_type in the subscriptionStart server-to-client method

  • added getCodecs method

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