Functions to query and manipulate the list of parental rating labels ('G', 'M', 'PG', etc).


Lists the text strings, options and defaults used when configuring parental rating labels within TVH (ie Configuration -> Channel/EPG -> Rating Labels -> Add).


Creates a new parental rating label. Requires ADMIN privilege.

  • conf A JSON object containing details of the new parental rating label.


Lists details of parental rating labels. For details of the parameters and selection criteria which can be applied, see Grid Parameters.

   "entries" : [
         "uuid : "a82438515ecc857dbf2509517ff3fe40",
         "enabled" : true,
         "country" : "AUS",
         "age" : 8,
         "display_age" : 11,
         "display_label" : "PG",
         "label" : "PG",
         "authority" : "ACMA",
         "icon" : "file:///my/file/location/acma-pg.png",
         "icon_public_url" : "imagecache/37"
      }, ...
   "total" : 9


Lists the names and uuids of all known parental rating labels.

   "entries" : [
         "val" : "AUS",
         "key" : "7b1f8773747155ed7341c8328a037f28"
      }, ...


  • Parental rating labels were added to Tvheadend in December 2023.

  • Processing of parental rating labels is disabled by default and can be enabled via Configuration -> Channel/EPG -> EPG Grabber.

  • Tvheadend will automatically create a placeholder record as new labels are encountered.

  • Parental rating label fields will not appear in other modules, (DVR, EPG) if the processing of parental rating labels is disabled.

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