Digital Video Recorder

This tab shows all finished recordings:

The following functions are available:



Delete the selected finished recording records and associated files. You will be prompted for confirmation.


Download the selected finished recordings to local disk. You will be prompted to select the path for the saved file(s).


Display this help page.

Grid Items

The main grid items have the following functions:

  • Details: Shows the status of the recording event:


The recording has completed

Click to display detailed information about the selected recording

The detailed information dialog is as follows:

The columns also provide the following details:

  • Play: Play the selected recording in your browser via the VLC Plugin or some other external player.

  • Title: The title of the recording.

  • Subtitle: Text…

  • Episode: The episode number of the record.

  • Scheduled Start Time: The date and time when the recording was started.

  • Scheduled Stop Time: The date and time when the recording was stopped.

  • Duration: The total duration of the recording.

  • File Size: The size of the recording file on disk.

  • Channel Name: The name of the channel from which the recording was made.

  • Owner: Text…

  • Creator: The name of the user who created the recording.

  • DVR Configuration : The DVR configuration to be used for this recording.

  • Schedule Status : The status of the recording (completed.

  • Errors : Text…

  • Data Errors : Text…

  • URL : The URL of the recording.

  • Comment : Text…

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