Q: How do I get a playlist for all my channels?

Tvheadend can generate a playlist of all your mapped services (channels). You can download it from the webui at http://<ip>:<port>/playlist, e.g.

Q: Why am I getting a playlist when trying to view/stream a channel?

By default Tvheadend’s Play links are playlists, although not all players accept them (e.g. Media Player Classic Home Cinema). You can bypass this by removing the /play/ path from the url.

Q: Tvheadend has scanned for services but some rows in the Service Name column are blank, is that normal?

Yes, not all services are given a name by providers. These services are usually hidden for a reason and may be used for things like encrypted guide data for set-top boxes, interactive services, and so on. If you do not see any service names at all this may indicate an issue with your hardware or configuration.

Q: I get a blank page when trying to view the web interface!

This usually happens when Tvheadend is installed incorrectly. On Debian and Ubuntu systems check the web interface path /usr/share/tvheadend/src/webui/static/ exists and isn’t empty. On other distros the path may be different.

Q: Why can’t I see my tuners in Tvheadend’s interface?

This is normally because they are not installed properly. Check syslog/dmesg (e.g. dmesg | grep dvb) and see that you have startup messages that indicate whether or not the tuners have initialized properly. Similarly, check /dev/dvb to see if the block device files used to communicate with the tuner have been created correctly?. The other major cause of this issue is when you run Tvheadend as a user that does not have permissions to access the tuners, e.g. not a member of the video group.

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