ADMIN privilege is required for all of these functions.


Lists the text strings, options and defaults used when configuring bouquets within TVH (ie Configuration -> Channel/EPG -> Bouquets).


Create a new bouquet.

  • conf Object describing the new bouquet. An element ext_url is required; presumably in the format of the source element in bouquet/grid.


Removes the link from a channel to the bouquet that it is part of.

  • uuid uuid(s) of channels to detach.


Lists details of bouquets. For details of the parameters and selection criteria which can be applied, see Common Parameters.

   "entries" : [
      "uuid": "0d5677d5c370705f3cd3fb53665bc62c",
      "enabled": false,
      "maptoch": false,
      "mapopt": [],
      "chtag": [],
      "chtag_ref": "",
      "name": "Scotland G2: Scotland/BorderSco",
      "ssl_peer_verify": false,
      "ext_url_period": 60,
      "source": "dvb-freesat://dvbs,28.2E,0119,62",
      "services": {},
      "services_seen": 63,
      "services_count": 0,
      "comment": "11428H in Freesat",
      "lcn_off": 0
    }, ...
  "total": 303


Lists names and bouquets. The list excerpted below is coded into tvheadend.

   "entries" : [
         "key" : "e7ddb611669a6a612846415946272f89",
         "val" : "Canal Digitaal SD"
      }, ...


Scan (using an available tuner) one or more bouquets to find their channels. The channel list is NOT returned, just an empty JSON object.

  • uuid uuid(s) of bouquet(s) to scan.

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