Overview of Tvheadend

Welcome to Tvheadend!

Tvheadend is a lightweight, easily-configured, general-purpose TV/video streaming server and recorder (PVR/DVR) for GNU/Linux, FreeBSD and Android.

Tvheadend interface

It supports input from:

  • Cable TV, delivered via a cable to your house (DVB-C)
  • Satellite, so any signal coming in via a dish (DVB-S and DVB-S2)
  • Terrestrial, so over-the-air broadcasts received through a traditional television aerial (DVB-T and DVB-T2 in much of the world, ATSC in north and central America)
  • Internet and LAN feeds, such as IPTV, SAT>IP, HDHomeRun and a general-purpose MPEG-TS pipe://

As well as being able to record the input, Tvheadend also offers it up to client applications via HTTP (VLC, MPlayer), HTSP (Kodi, Movian) and SAT>IP streaming.

While supported in previous versions, analogue video (V4L) is no longer supported directly. If you still need this, or need to input signals from video cameras or other non-broadcast sources, use pipe://.

The code is hosted at github. Please use github’s features if you want to provide patches. Contributions and improvements are always welcome.