Digital Video Recorder - Time Schedules

This tab is used to create and maintain Digital Video Recorder rules. These can be EPG-driven (such as those created from the initial EPG tab) through the DVR AutoRec Entries tab , or can be timer-based through the Time Schedules tab.

This tab controls timer-driven recording rules.

Time Schedules Tab

The following functions are available:

Button Action
Save Save any changes made to the recording rule list.
Undo Undo any changes made to the recording rules list since the last save.
Add Add and configure a recording rule - define the channel, schedule, DVR configuration, priority, etc.
Delete Delete an existing recording rule.
Edit Manually edit an existing recording rule. This uses the same fields as Add, but they’re pre-populated with their current values.
Help Display this help page.

Add/Edit Dialog Example

A common set of fields is used for the Add or Edit functions, most of which can also be seen in the grid view:

Add/Edit Time Schedules Dialog

Grid Items

The main grid items have the following functions:

Enabled : Check or clear this box to enable or disable this rule.

Name : The name you’ve given to the rule, e.g. ‘Evening cartoons for the children’.

Directory : When specified, this setting overrides the subdirectory rules specified by the DVR configuration and puts all recordings done by this entry into the specified subdirectory.

Useful for e.g. recording multiple different news broadcasts into one common subdirectory called “News”.

Title : The title is used in the filename that is created for the recording.

The default format string suggests Time-[date]_[time].

The escape-codes use strftime format.


String Format Result
%F The date in ISO-format (e.g. 2015-02-28)
%R The time in 24h HH:MM format (e.g. 19:45)
%x The date, formatted according to your locale settings

Channel : The channel on which this rule applies, i.e. the channel you’re aiming to record.

Week Days : On which specific days of the week you wish this rule to be active (e.g. only record channel XXX at xx:yy on Saturdays and Sundays).

Start : Start recording at this time.

Stop : Stop recording at this time.

Priority : The priority of any recordings set because of this rule: in descending priority, values are important, high, normal, low, and unimportant. Higher-priority events will take precedence and cancel lower-priority events.

DVR Configuration : The DVR configuration (e.g. extra start/stop time, post-processing rules) to be used for any recordings set because of this rule.

Owner : Text…

Creator : Text…

Comment : A free-text comment. Not used otherwise.