Configuration - DVB Inputs - Mux Schedulers

Mux Schedulers enable Tvheadend to automatically play channels. This is useful to get EPG, services or access rights updates.

'Mux Schedulers 'Add' Dialog' Tab

The following functions are available:

Button Function
Save Save any changes made to the mux schedulers.
Undo Undo any changes made to the mux schedulers since the last save.
Add Add a new mux scheduler.
Delete Delete an existing mux scheduler.
Edit Edit an existing mux scheduler.
Hide <option> ??????. Options are Parent Disabled, All, None
Help Displays this help page.

Add/Edit Dialog Example

A common set of fields is used for the Add or Edit functions, most of which can also be seen in the grid view:

'Mux Schedulers 'Add' Dialog' Tab

Grid Items

The main grid items have the following functions:

Enabled : If selected, schedule will be triggered. If unselected, schedule will be ignored.

Mux : Select mux to be played from the available muxes.

Cron : Schedule frequency, using cron syntax. Example : every day at 2am is 0 2 \* \* \*

Timeout : Time in seconds the selected mux will be played. Example : 1 hour would be 3600