Features of Tvheadend

SDTV and HDTV support

  • H.264 (MPEG-4 AVC) and MPEG2 video supported.
  • AC-3, AAC and MP2 audio supported.
  • DVB subtitles supported.

Input Sources

  • Satellite signals via DVB-S and DVB-S2
  • Terrestrial/Over-the-Air signals via DVB-T, DVB-T2 and ATSC
  • Cable signals via DVB-C
  • LAN/IPTV signals such as IPTV, SAT>IP, HDHomeRun
  • A general-purpose MPEG-TS pipe:// for analogue and non-broadcast sources
  • Support for multiple adapters of any mix, with each adapter able to receive simultaneously all programmes on the current mux.
  • Powerful many-to-many channel:service:tuner mapping that allows you to select channels irrespective of the underlying carrier (for channels that broadcast on multiple sources).

Output Targets

  • Local or remote disk, via the built-in digital video recorder.
  • HTSP (Home TV Streaming Protocol).
  • HTTP streaming.

Transcoding Support

  • Subject to your system’s capabilities, support for on-the-fly transcoding for both live and recorded streams
  • text
  • text


Digital Video Recorder

  • Built in video recorder stores recorded programs as Transport Stream (.ts) or Matroska (.mkv) files.
  • Multiple simultaneous recordings are supported.
  • All original streams (multiple audio tracks, etc) are recorded.
  • Streams can be selected and filtered positively or negatively as required.
  • Create rule sets manually or based on EPG queries.
  • Multiple DVR profiles that support different target directories, post-processing options, filtering options, etc.

Electronic Program Guide

  • Rich EPG support, with data from DVB/OTA, XMLTV (scheduled and socket).
  • Searchable and filterable from the web user interface.
  • Results can be scheduled for recording with a single click.

Rich Browser-Driven Interface

  • The entire application is loaded into the browser.
  • Based on extJS, all pages are dynamic and self-refreshing.
  • All sorting/filtering is then done in C by the main application for speed.

Easy to Configure and Administer

  • All setup and configuration is done from the built in web user interface.
  • All settings are stored in human-readable text files.
  • Initial setup can be done by choosing one of the pre-defined linuxtv networks or manually configured.
  • Idle scanning for automatic detection of muxes and services.
  • Support for broadcaster (primarily DVB-S) bouquets for easy channel mapping.

Multi-User Support

  • Access to system features (streaming, administration, configurations) can be configured based on username/password and/or IP address.

Software-Based CSA Descrambling

  • Requires a card server (newcamd and capmt protocol is supported).

Fully-Integrated with Mainstream Media Players

  • Movian and Kodi are the main targets/
  • All channel data, channel groups/tages, EPG and TV streaming is carried over a single TCP connection.

Mobile/Remote Client Support

  • As well as the web interface, which is accessible through VPN if required, third-party clients are available for both Android and iOS (other clients may also be available).


  • All text is encoded in UTF-8 to provide full international support.
  • All major character encodings in DVB are supported (e.g. for localised EPG character sets).