Updating the Documentation 19 July 2015

The documentation is written in markdown, and then converted in two directions to create both this User Guide and the on-line help files that are bundled with the application.


  1. Install dependencies (mkdocs and git)

  2. Clone the documentation repository

  3. Make changes locally. Pay close attention to formatting and syntax - use the live reload function (mkdocs serve) to preview them.

  4. When you’re happy, push the changes to your remote repository and open a pull request

Because we upload the theme as well, what it looks like locally should be 100% representative of what it looks like once it’s pushed to the Internet.

Command sequence (this presumes Linux, but Windows is very similar):

  • cd ~/tvheadend-documentation
  • git add -A (presumes to add everything, you can of course be selective)
  • git commit -m "Summary of changes"
  • git push

… and then open the PR on github

To update and resync, someone (me, probably!) needs to:

  1. Merge the changes
  2. Pull the latest revisions from the repository
  3. Convert the webui files: ./convert.sh docs/webui <target_directory>

To merge the webui files into tvheadend, copy them into <your tvheadend clone>/docs/html, push them to your remote repository and open a PR to merge them into master.

  1. Convert all files: mkdocs build --clean
  2. Copy the contents of the resultant site directory to gihub pages

To publish the entire User Guide to gihub, use resync.sh or use the following command sequence:

  • cd $YOUR_BASE_DIR/tvheadend.github.io
  • cp -r $YOUR_BASE_DIR/tvheadend-documentation/site/* .
  • git add -A (presumes to add everything)
  • git commit -m "Resync" (or whatever your commit message is)
  • git push