Things To Do on This Guide…

Work-in-progress notes

These are not part of the final product, obviously!

They're just some of the areas I'm aware of that we need to close off before release

  1. Complete the content for 4.0 (4.2 can wait) - strip out what isn’t stricly necessary now (we can come back)

  2. Check non-univeral (i.e. item-specific) configuration items (e.g. the IPTV mux parameters) and make sure they’re documented

  3. Obviously, fill in the minor gaps as highlighted in the document: buttons, descriptions, etc.

  4. Generate new webUI help pages and push them to the tvheadend repo

  5. Check all link from tvh (e.g. there are no help buttons on the ‘Stream’ tabs)

The following major content items/chapters are then missing - based on most FAQs on the forum:

  • Transcoding (updated for 4.2, so needs to be tagged properly and reversed as applicable to 4.0)

  • How to configure a recording

  • How to watch Live TV

  • How to set up conditional access (“Conditional Access System Configuration”)

  • How to set up a multi-profile installation (access)

  • How to compile/install on <insert your distro here>

  • Setting up SAT>IP - as a client, as a server

  • Platform differences - what you need to transcode, or what you can expect from Android vs GNU/Linux

  • Platform differences - Ubuntu, Fedora, Red Hat, Arch, Android…

  • HD Homerun setup

  • /etc/default/tvheadend options

  • Expand a bit on command-line options and give some examples of common usage

And I’m left with these final open questions:

  • We need the webUI pages documented (as they are). How much should they be the how-tos, and how much should these be separate?

  • How deep do we want to (need to) get into setting up tuners - that’s a constant source of woe for people?

  • If we do all the above, do we need the FAQ pages? Check existing manual/guide