Tvheadend 4.0 User Guide

Tvheadend 4.2 User Guide

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Version: DRAFT

Last Updated: 2015-11-16

A Moving Target!

This document has many holes, and is very much a work-in-progress. Please forgive any errors, omissions or inaccuracies, and please help us to fill them in if you can.


This document is intended to give you a high-level overview of how to set up Tvheadend for the first time. It does not aim to provide a complete description of every step or answer every question: more details are available on the tvheadend wiki.

As you set things up, consult the on-line (web interface) help as well. Tvheadend includes copies of many of these pages in the application, which is easier to find when you’re wondering what to do next.

If you get really stuck, there’s the forum and IRC (#hts on freenode) - Kiwi IRC is a good web client if you don’t already have an IRC client installed, please Freenode has one of their own.